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Machine Assembly and Disassembly Service

Machine Assembly and Disassembly Service

As AsiaEnergy RO we offer comprehensive installation and dismantling services for industrial plants, electrical and mechanical infrastructure as well as mechanical and electrical installation and dismantling services for almost any project, from a single piece of industrial equipment to the entire plant and mechanical infrastructure.

If it is necessary to deactivate machines and industrial plants, disassemble existing machines or move them to another location, we carry out all assembly and disassembly services with our experienced team successfully, on time and within budget.

In addition, we provide maintenance and modification services as required by your business and ensure that your AsiaEnergy RO equipment operates smoothly from the start of commissioning.

How Do We Work?

  • Machines to be disassembled are stopped and their power is switched off.
  • A safe working environment is provided and the project team controls the site.
  • Project review, geometric preparations and team coordination are carried out.
  • Assembly foundation or required connecting legs are prepared.
  • Positioning and marking work is carried out on the ground.
  • Fixing and drilling work is continued in a controlled manner with expert approval.
  • Transport the transferred machines to the safe waiting area or to the construction site.
  • Heavy lifting and positioning is done with our crane or other lifting and transport equipment.
  • Stairs, railings and other components are assembled.
  • Meetings and team coordination take place according to the project time.
  • Mechanical installations, pipelines, electric motors and components are positioned.
  • In addition to the machine, special designs for walking, climbing, transport and safety elements are produced.
  • Machine tests are performed with the technical staff and managers of our customers.
  • The finishing touches and adjustment elements are completed.
  • Critical situations and reports during disassembly and assembly are logged.
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